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All subscriptions are for a period of twelve months and are automatically renewed if you pay online.  You may unsubscribe at any time.


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Choosing Your Account

Premium Subscription


The Complete Offices

Annual Subscription, providing access to Roman Breviary, Little Office of Our Lady and Office of the Dead.

Rather than subscribing to multiple accounts to access the type of Office you want, why not consolidate all of them into one premium subscription?

The Premium Account provides access to the Roman Breviary, the Little Office, and the Office of the Dead, plus any other files that may be provided as a separate account in the future (such as the daily Mass files, for example).

Premium subscribers will also have access to unique discounts on our online bookstore, making it possible to expand your library of Catholic books for you and your children.

Breviary Subscription


The Roman Breviary

Annual Subscription, Breviary only.

The Roman Breviary is the complete official Divine Office of the Catholic Church, in Latin and English, and arranged for your easy reading on a daily basis. It comes complete with thousands of images, and much of the text is sung by the choirs of the cathedrals and monasteries of Europe.

You may choose to say the entire Office, or, if time and your duties of life are a consideration, you can opt to say one or more of the Hours each day, or even some of the Readings from Matins.

However you choose to recite it, the Roman Breviary has been developed by the Church to be her official prayer, second only to the Mass in its liturgical importance, and a source of abundant graces.

The entire text of the daily Divine Office of the western Church is provided with this account. You may upgrade your account at any time by adding a subscription to the Little Office of Our Lady, the Office of the Dead, or both.


Little Office Subscription


The Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Annual Subscription, Little Office only.

The Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary has long been popular with the faithful, providing a format similar to that of the Roman Breviary, but without the intricate rubrical complexities that can be so off-putting to beginners. 

It has often been made part of the Rule for religious orders that have Third Orders, including the Guild of St. Peter ad Vincula, many of whose Oblates have chosen this method of fulfilling their obligations of liturgical prayer.

With its focus on the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Little Office will allow you to follow in her footsteps through the liturgical year, emphasizing her role in the story of Redemption.

The Little Office is provided separately in this account for the benefit of those who wish to access only this Office, without paying the full cost of a subscription to the Roman Breviary.


Office of the Dead Subscription


The Office of the Dead

Annual Subscription, Office of the Dead only.

Another form of liturgical prayer is the Office of the Dead, which is recited for the benefit of the Faithful Departed. It is a shorter form of the Office than the Little Office of Our Lady, consisting only of Matins, Lauds and Vespers. It is normally attached to those same Hours of the Roman Breviary, by those who have been recently bereaved.

The full Office of the Dead is recited publicly by the Church only on All Souls Day as part of the Roman Breviary. However, those with a particular devotion to the Holy Souls may choose to make this their daily Office in private. Members of the Guild of All Souls and other purgatorial societies are particularly encouraged to make use of this Office whenever their time permits, or as an act of charity towards the faithful departed and their deceased family and friends.

The Office of the Dead is provided separately in this account for the benefit of those who wish to access only this Office, without paying the full cost of a subscription to the Roman Breviary.

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