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  • Do NOT attempt to login with user names and passwords created before April 1.  Any attempt to do so may prevent you from creating your new account.  Before you can access the Breviary Online you must first register with a new account.
  • Annual subscribers with already existing accounts will be credited for any months still left on their subscription.  Your new payment will be good for a subscription lasting twelve months (13 months if you sign up before Ascension Day) plus the months credited.
  • The introductory offers provided below allow you to resubscribe immediately without losing any of your most recent payment.  The introductory offers are scheduled to last until Ascension Thursday (May 10, 2018), after which the annual subscriptions will be as follows:
    • Roman Breviary:  $30.00
    • Little Office of BVM: $15.00
    • Office of the Dead: $7.50
    • Premium Account: $45.00
  • Subscriptions are no longer available on a monthly basis.


Subscribing to the Breviary Online

The Breviary Online has four account levels, enabling you to choose the Divine Office best adapted to your personal prayer life.

All subscriptions are for a period of twelve months.  Until Ascension Thursday, all those registering will receive an EXTRA FREE MONTH.


  1. Choose the type of account you prefer from the list below.

  2. Click on the "Buy Now" button.  This will link you to the "shopping cart" overview.

  3. Make sure the number of subscriptions is set to "1".  If it is not, make the necessary adjustment and don't forget to click on the Update button.  Use a zero ("0") if you want to cancel something entirely.

  4. Click on the button "Login or Register".  This will link you to the registration page.

  5. Complete the registration page and click on the "Register" button.  This will link you back to the "shopping cart" page.

  6. Click on the "Proceed to Checkout".  This will link you to a PayPal setting where you will be able to pay either by credit card, via PayPal, or by check.

  7. After payment, you should be linked back to our website, where you will now have access to the accounts you purchased.

  8. If you chose to pay by check, you should email or call us to let us know to expect your payment.


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Lincoln Cathedral Breviary Subscription


Price: $24.00

Annual Subscription, Breviary only.

The Roman Breviary is the complete official Divine Office of the Catholic Church, in Latin and English, and arranged for your easy reading on a daily basis. It comes...  
Click here for more details.

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York Minster Little Office Subscription


Price: $12.00

Annual Subscription, Little Office only.

The Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary has long been popular with the faithful, providing a format similar to that of the Roman Breviary, but without the...  
Click here for more details.

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Gloucester Cathedral Office of the Dead Subscription


Price: $6.00

Annual Subscription, Office of the Dead only.

Another form of liturgical prayer is the Office of the Dead, which is recited for the benefit of the Faithful Departed. It is a shorter form of the Office...  
Click here for more details.

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Durham Cathedral Premium Subscription


Price: $36.00

Annual Subscription, providing access to Roman Breviary, Little Office of Our Lady and Office of the Dead.

Rather than subscribing to multiple accounts to access the type of Office you want, why not...  
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