The Roman Breviary
The Catholic Divine Office Online

The Divine Office of the Holy Roman Catholic Church

According to the Rubrics prescribed by Pope St. Pius X, Nov. 1, 1911


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Annual Subscription, providing access to Roman Breviary, Little Office of Our Lady and Office of the Dead.

Rather than subscribing to multiple accounts to access the type of Office you want, why not consolidate all of them into one premium subscription?

The Premium Account provides access to the Roman Breviary, the Little Office, and the Office of the Dead, plus any other files that may be provided as a separate account in the future (such as the daily Mass files, for example).

Premium subscribers will also have access to unique discounts on our online bookstore, making it possible to expand your library of Catholic books for you and your children.

Those with one or more of the three separate subscriptions may upgrade to the Premium Account at any time for the cost of the difference plus a $6.00 upgrade fee.

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