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According to the Rubrics prescribed by Pope St. Pius X, Nov. 1, 1911


Office of the Dead Subscription



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Annual Subscription, Office of the Dead only.

Another form of liturgical prayer is the Office of the Dead, which is recited for the benefit of the Faithful Departed. It is a shorter form of the Office than the Little Office of Our Lady, consisting only of Matins, Lauds and Vespers. It is normally attached to those same Hours of the Roman Breviary, by those who have been recently bereaved.

The full Office of the Dead is recited publicly by the Church only on All Souls Day as part of the Roman Breviary. However, those with a particular devotion to the Holy Souls may choose to make this their daily Office in private. Members of the Guild of All Souls and other purgatorial societies are particularly encouraged to make use of this Office whenever their time permits, or as an act of charity towards the faithful departed and their bereaved family and friends.

The Office of the Dead is provided separately in this account for the benefit of those who wish to access only this Office, without paying the full cost of a subscription to the Roman Breviary.

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