The Roman Breviary
The Catholic Divine Office Online

The Divine Office of the Holy Roman Catholic Church

According to the Rubrics prescribed by Pope St. Pius X, Nov. 1, 1911


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Annual Subscription, Breviary only.

The Roman Breviary is the complete official Divine Office of the Catholic Church, in Latin and English, and arranged for your easy reading on a daily basis. It comes complete with thousands of images, and much of the text is sung by the monks and cathedral choirs of Europe.

You may choose to say the entire Office, or, if time and your duties of life are a consideration, you can opt to say one or more of the Hours each day, or even some of the Readings from Matins.

However you choose to recite it, the Roman Breviary has been developed by the Church to be her official prayer, second only to the Mass in its liturgical importance, and a source of abundant graces.

The entire text of the daily Divine Office of the western Church is provided with this account. You may upgrade your account at any time by adding the Little Office of Our Lady, the Office of the Dead, or both.

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