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How To Say the Breviary

An Instruction Manual on the Rubrics of the Roman Breviary

How To Say The Breviary

Adapted from F℟. Bernard A. Hausmann's original work by F℟. Bernard G. Hall of the Guild of St. Peter ad Vincula.

A very valuable if not essential tool for deciphering the rubrics of the traditional Roman Breviary. Walks you step by step through each hour of the Divine Office. F℟. Hall has taken F℟. Hausmann's original descriptions and added over a hundred full-color diagrams illustrating the various instructions and rubrics. This makes it much easier for the liturgical beginner to understand, and provides instant references whenever questions arise. A complete and detailed list of contents help to find the rubrics quickly and efficiently.

The text is in English; references to the Breviary are in Latin. This book is available as either a digital download or as a paperback book.

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