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The Divine Office of August 1

Before you commit to a subscription, we figured you'd like to take a look for yourself at the actual website.  When you click below you'll be linked to a series of demo pages copied from the Breviary Online.  Here you'll find the title page for August 1, the feast of our patron, St. Peter ad Vincula.  Beneath the picture of the saint of the day, in this case, St. Peter, you'll see a list of the Canonical Hours of the day, plus a link to the Mass of the day.  Clicking on any of these link buttons will take you to that Hour, where the text of the Office will be displayed as described on the Features page.  This demo is fully functional, and you'll be able to play any of the musical selections for the day's Office.

NOTE:  You must be connected to the Internet in order to access the Demo.

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