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2018 - Churches of France

Churches of France

Beautifully produced on glossy paper, the theme of the Guild's 2018 calendar is the "Churches of France."  Each month your wall will be tastefully decorated with an inspiring color image of one of the most beautiful and famous cathedrals and basilicas of the "eldest daughter of the Church."

Other Information

With introductory and closing pages that contain other important information, such as the tables of fast and abstinence, and of the dates of movable feasts for the current year, the Guild calendar is designed to provide you with a quick and easy way to connect to the Church's year and to participate fully in the moving flow of the liturgical seasons.

Low Prices & Discounts

We have kept the price of our colour calendars the same as last year, $14.95 with free shipping anywhere in the United States. Don't make the mistake of so many people last year who left it too late to order and so missed out on the opportunity to have one of these beautiful calendars hanging in their home. Place your orders quickly to make sure you don't lose out. They make excellent gifts for Catholic friends and family members, and this year for the first time we are offering discounts if you buy in bulk.

A note from Fr. Bernard Hall,
Dean of the Guild of St. Peter ad Vincula

There is a welcome familiarity about the Catholic calendar. Each passing year, the various seasons continue their accustomed cycle, reflecting, in our annual journey from Bethlehem to Calvary and on to the gates of heaven, the passage of our own short span on earth, from birth through death to life eternal. The joys of Christmastide gradually darken into the penances and sorrows of Lent and Passiontide, until in a burst of glory, all gives way to the blinding light of Eastertide and the never-ending exultation that the kingdom of heaven can again be ours. Within each season we witness a parade of saints who come and go, and enjoy an all-too-brief re-acquaintance with their holy lives and good example. The long summer months of Trinitytide provide us with their extensive review of our Lord’s ministry and miracles, each Sunday after Pentecost building on his great message of love and healing and salvation. Through the harvest moon they stretch, until, finally, the encroaching darkness of the autumn night draws us to contemplate the accelerating progress of our own brief span of life, with feasts of Church Triumphant and Church Suffering, and Month of Holy Souls, all emphasizing our heavy responsibilities in preparing for death, judgment, heaven, or hell. Then suddenly yet seamlessly, our fear of judgment transcends into salvation hope, as Advent ushers in a new liturgical year and the cycle recommences one more time.

Day by day, we are privileged to take part in the Church’s annual succession of feasts and seasons, saints and heavenly mysteries, that make up her Liturgical Year. The simplest yet most essential tool to help us do so is the calendar you have before you. Here is laid out the spirit of the Church’s daily worship of God, the very mind of the Church for us to follow through feasts, octaves, and seasons. Our calendar provides the basic information on which to construct the day’s divine worship, and with this year’s inspirational images of some of the great churches of France, it should be a constant reminder of the importance of maintaining a constant life of prayer, imbued with the spirit of the liturgy.

One of the most cherished aims of the Guild of St. Peter ad Vincula is to preserve and restore the long-established liturgical practices of the Church and to strengthen the devotion of the faithful through their renewed interest in the Mass, the Divine Office, and the other traditional rites and prayers that make us Catholic. Our calendar is intended to be a resource to help us preserve our rich liturgical heritage, and an encouragement to schedule our daily prayer life around the Church’s time-hallowed cycle of worship.  I hope you already have one of our calendars in your home, and that your family refers to it regularly to remain in that vital spirit of the Church's liturgy.  If not, I urge you to neglect no longer the duty pertaining to you and every Christian to spend your every day imbued with that sense of being a part of that great Cycle that recalls the events of our Lord's life and the story of our Redemption.  All it takes is a quick glance over your morning coffee cup to that calendar on the wall...

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A Note on the Format

The Guild calendar provides all the information you need to know about the feast for each day of the liturgical cycle, and clearly shows the holydays of obligation and days of fast. By popular request we have also included the civil holidays for the United States.  Our calendar has been created for ease of use, and you can see at a glance what feast day it is, which Mass will be offered, and the order of the commemorations. Thanks to the subtle color backgrounds and banners, that same quick glance at the calendar will tell you whether it is a holiday of obligation, whether you are obliged to fast or abstain from meat.   You'll find all the information you need about the each feastday so that you can follow the Church's precepts of worship for the coming year.

Authentic, Traditional

Our calendar contains none of the destructive elements  introduced by the modernists in their "reforms" of the 1950s and early 60s as part of their gradual assault on the Catholic liturgy. In an age where so many "traditional" calendars are so obviously not traditional at all, with their missing feast days, suppressed octaves and vigils, new and suspect feasts, and so on, you can be assured that our calendar is fully and authentically traditional, and will provide you with the legitimate Catholic feastdays celebrated through the ages by countless saints and faithful.  It's the same calendar we follow on our Breviary website, so there  can be no doubt that the information it provides is accurate, dependable, and above all, Catholic.

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