Psalm 147.  Lauda, Jerusalem

Winter is past

Once again a hymn of thanksgiving at deliverance from the Babylonian captivity is used in reference to the Redemption.  After the winter of sin, through Christ's death on the Cross, the springtime of Redemption has come.  Now is the heavenly Jerusalem, holy Church, secure from the enemy and blessed with peace and prosperity.

Jerusalem delivered

Lauda, Jerúsalem, Dóminum: * lauda Deum tuum, Sion.
2  Quóniam confortávit seras portárum tuárum: * benedíxit fíliis tuis in te.
3  Qui pósuit fines tuos pacem: * et ádipe fruménti sátiat te.

Praise the Lord, O Jerusalem; *  praise thy God, O Sion.
2  For he hath made fast the bars of thy gates, * and hath blessed thy children within thee.
3  Who hath placed peace in thy borders, * and filleth thee with the fat of the crops.


4  Qui emíttit elóquium suum terræ: * velóciter currit sermo ejus.
5  Qui dat nivem sicut lanam: * nébulam sicut cínerem spargit.
6  Mittit crystállum suam sicut buccéllas: * ante fáciem frígoris ejus quis sustinébit?

4  Who sendeth forth his commandment upon earth, * and his word runneth swiftly.
5  Who giveth snow like wool, * and scattereth the mist like ashes.
6  He sendeth his ice like morsels: * who is able to abide before the face of his frost?


7  Emíttet verbum suum, et liquefáciet ea: * flabit spíritus ejus, et fluent aquæ.
8  Qui annúntiat verbum suum Jacob: * justítias, et judícia sua Israël.
9  Non fecit táliter omni natióni: * et judícia sua non manifestávit eis.

7  He shall send out his word, and shall melt them: * his spirit shall breathe forth, and the waters shall flow.
8  Who declareth his word unto Jacob, * his statutes and judgments unto Israel.
9  He hath not dealt so with every nation; * neither hath he given them knowledge of his judgments.