Psalm 141.  Voce mea ad Dominum

Pursued even unto death

This Psalm is the prayer of a man who is sorely tried.  The Christian soul can pour into it her desire for deliverance from the dungeon of the body and sin.  The Psalm is also an excellent prayer for the hour of death, and as such it was used by St. Francis of Assisi.

First strophe:  Cry of one suffering

Voce mea ad Dóminum clamávi: * voce mea ad Dóminum deprecátus sum:
2  Effúndo in conspéctu ejus oratiónem meam, * et tribulatiónem meam ante ipsum pronúntio.
3  In deficiéndo ex me spíritum meum: * et tu cognovísti sémitas meas.
4  In via hac, qua ambulábam, * abscondérunt láqueum mihi.
5  Considerábam ad déxteram, et vidébam: * et non erat qui cognósceret me.
6  Périit fuga a me: * et non est qui requirat ánimam meam.

With my voice I cried unto the Lord; * yea, even unto the Lord did I make my supplication.
2  I poured out my prayer in his sight, * and before him I declare my trouble.
3  When my spirit failed me, * thou knewest my path.
4  In the way wherein I walked, * have they privily laid a snare for me.
5  I looked also upon my right hand, and beheld, * and there was no man that would know me.
6  Flight hath failed me, * and there is no man that hath regard for my soul.

Second strophe:  Plea of one suffering

7  Clamávi ad te, Dómine, * dixi: Tu es spes mea, pórtio mea in terra vivéntium.
8  Inténde ad deprecatiónem meam: * quia humiliátus sum nimis.
9  Líbera me a persequéntibus me: * quia confortáti sunt super me.
10  Educ de custódia ánimam meam ad confiténdum nómini tuo: * me exspéctant justi, donec retríbuas mihi.

7  I cried unto thee, O Lord, * and said, Thou art my hope, and my portion in the land of the living.
8  Consider my supplication; * for I am brought very low.
9  O deliver me from my persecutors; * for they have waxed strong against me.
10  Bring my soul out of prison, that I may give thanks unto thy Name; * the righteous wait for me, until thou reward me.