Psalm 140.  Domine, clamavi

Prayer in temptation

Once more we raise our voice in special prayer for aid and protection against the deceits and trickeries of the devil, in particular against evil suggestions and impure thoughts.


Dómine, clamávi ad te, exáudi me: * inténde voci meæ, cum clamávero ad te.
2  Dirigátur orátio mea sicut incénsum in conspéctu tuo: * elevátio mánuum meárum sacrifícium vespertínum.

Lord, I have cried unto thee, hear thou me : * hearken unto my voice, when I cry unto thee.
2  Let my prayer be set forth in thy sight as the incense; * and let the lifting up of my hands be an evening sacrifice.

Plea for preservation from sin

3  Pone, Dómine, custódiam ori meo: * et óstium circumstántiæ lábiis meis.
4  Non declínes cor meum in verba malítiæ: * ad excusándas excusatiónes in peccátis.
5  Cum homínibus operántibus iniquitátem: * et non communicábo cum eléctis eórum.
6  Corrípiet me justus in misericórdia, et increpábit me: * óleum autem peccatóris non impínguet caput meum.

3  Set a watch, O Lord, before my mouth, * and a door round about my lips.
4  Incline not mine heart to any evil thing; * to make excuses in sin.
With the men that work wickedness, * and I will not take counsel with the chosen among them.
6  The righteous shall correct me in mercy, and shall reprove me; * but let not the balm of the sinner anoint my head.

Destruction of enemies

7  Quóniam adhuc et orátio mea in beneplácitis eórum: * absórpti sunt juncti petræ júdices eórum.
8  Audient verba mea quóniam potuérunt: * sicut crassitúdo terræ erúpta est super terram.

 For my prayer also shall be against what is acceptable to them : * their judges, overthrown in stony places, are swallowed up.
8  They shall hear my words, for they have prevailed : * as when the thickness of the earth is broken up upon the ground.

Final petition

9  Dissipáta sunt ossa nostra secus inférnum: * quia ad te, Dómine, Dómine, óculi mei: in te sperávi, non áuferas ánimam meam.
  Custódi me a láqueo, quem statuérunt mihi: * et a scándalis operántium iniquitátem.
11  Cadent in retiáculo ejus peccatóres: * singuláriter sum ego donec tránseam.

9  Our bones lie scattered before the pit, * but mine eyes look unto thee, O Lord God: in thee is my trust; O cast not out my soul.
10  Keep me from the snare that they have laid for me, * and from the traps of the wicked doers.
11  The ungodly shall fall into their own net, * I am alone until I pass through.