Psalm 124.  Qui confidunt

God among his people

This Psalm expresses the strong confidence with which the kingdom of God (the Church and the individual Christian) is armed even in the thick of the conflict..

God with us

Qui confídunt in Dómino, sicut mons Sion: * non commovébitur in ætérnum, qui hábitat in Jerúsalem.
2  Montes in circúitu ejus: * et Dóminus in circúitu pópuli sui, ex hoc nunc et usque in sæculum.
3  Quia non relínquet Dóminus virgam peccatórum super sortem justórum: * ut non exténdant justi ad iniquitátem manus suas.

They that put their trust in the Lord shall be even as the mount Sion, * he shall stand fast for ever, that dwelleth in Jerusalem.
2  Mountains stand round about; * even so standeth the Lord round about his people, from this time forth for evermore.
3  For the Lord shall not leave the sceptre of the ungodly to abide upon the lot of the righteous; * that the righteous may not stretch forth their hand unto wickedness.


4  Bénefac, Dómine, bonis, * et rectis corde.
5  Declinántes autem in obligatiónes addúcet Dóminus cum operántibus iniquitátem: * pax super Israël.

4  Do well, O Lord, unto those that are good * and true of heart.
5  But such as turn aside unto their crooked ways, the Lord shall lead them forth with the evil doers; * peace upon Israel.