Psalm 110.  Confitebor

Thanksgiving for deliverance out of Egypt

This psalm is a hymn in thanksgiving for God's care over his chosen people, especially in delivering them out of Egypt (a type of our redemption).  We pray it as the thanksgiving prayer of the Church (and of souls) journeying through the world, away from the bondage of the devil and into the promised land of heaven.

Statement of theme

Confitébor tibi, Dómine, in toto corde meo: * in consílio justórum, et congregatióne.

I will give thanks unto the Lord with my whole heart, * in the assembly of the righteous, and in the congregation.

Divine Providence in the history of his people

2  Magna ópera Dómini: * exquisíta in omnes voluntátes ejus.
3  Conféssio et magnificéntia opus ejus: * et justítia ejus manet in sæculum sæculi.
4  Memóriam fecit mirabílium suórum, miséricors et miserátor Dóminus: * escam dedit timéntibus se.
5  Memor erit in sæculum testaménti sui: * virtútem óperum suórum annuntiábit pópulo suo:
6  Ut det illis hereditátem géntium: * ópera mánuum ejus véritas, et judícium.

2  The works of the Lord are great, * meet to serve for the doing of his will.
3  His work is worthy to be praised and had in honour, * and his righteousness endureth for ever.
4  He hath made a memorial of his marvellous works; the Lord is merciful and gracious : * he hath given meat unto them that fear him.
5  He shall ever be mindful of his covenant : * he will shew his people the power of his works.
6  That he may give them the heritage of the heathen : * the works of his hands are verity and judgment.

In the holy Covenant

7  Fidélia ómnia mandáta ejus: confirmáta in sæculum sæculi, * facta in veritáte et æquitáte.
8  Redemptiónem misit pópulo suo: * mandávit in ætérnum testaméntum suum.
  (fit reverentia) Sanctum, et terríbile nomen ejus: * inítium sapiéntiæ timor Dómini.

7  All his commandments are true; they stand fast for ever and ever : * and are done in truth and equity.
  He sent redemption unto his people; * he hath commanded his covenant for ever.
9  (all bow) Holy and terrible is his Name : * the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.


10  Intelléctus bonus ómnibus faciéntibus eum: * laudátio ejus manet in sæculum sæculi.

10  A good understanding have all they that do thereafter; * his praise endureth for ever.