Psalm 95.  Cantate Domino

The whole world praises the heavenly King

The first Psalm of Tuesday Lauds is a royal song.  Jesus, King of the heavenly kingdom, is praised by all creation, receiving royal homage at the beginning of the day.  The chief theme is the call of the heathen to faith.  Particularly noteworthy is the homage paid by inanimate creation.

The faithful praise God

Cantáte Dómino cánticum novum: * cantáte Dómino, omnis terra.
2  Cantáte Dómino, et benedícite nómini ejus: * annuntiáte de die in diem salutáre ejus.
3  Annuntiáte inter gentes glóriam ejus, * in ómnibus pópulis mirabília ejus.

O sing unto the Lord a new song; * sing unto the Lord, all the whole earth.
2  Sing unto the Lord, and bless ye his Name; * be telling of his salvation from day to day.
3  Declare his glory among the heathen, * and his wonders among all peoples.

Divine majesty

4  Quóniam magnus Dóminus, et laudábilis nimis: * terríbilis est super omnes deos.
5  Quóniam omnes dii Géntium dæmónia: * Dóminus autem cælos fecit.
6  Conféssio, et pulchritúdo in conspéctu ejus: * sanctimónia et magnificéntia in sanctificatióne ejus.

4  For the Lord is great, and exceeding worthy to be praised; * he is to be feared above all gods.
 For all the gods of the heathen, they are but devils; * but it is the Lord that made the heavens.
6  Praise and beauty are before him; * holiness and majesty are in his sanctuary.

The heathen praise God

7  Afférte Dómino, pátriæ Géntium, afférte Dómino glóriam et honórem: * afférte Dómino glóriam nómini ejus.
8  Tóllite hóstias, et introíte in átria ejus: * adoráte Dóminum in átrio sancto ejus.
9  Commoveátur a fácie ejus univérsa terra: * dícite in Géntibus quia Dóminus regnávit.
10  Etenim corréxit orbem terræ qui non commovébitur: * judicábit pópulos in æquitáte.

7  Bring ye to the Lord, O ye kindreds of the nations, bring ye to the Lord glory and honour : * bring ye to the Lord the honour due unto his Name.
8  Bring ye sacrifices, and come into his courts : * O worship the Lord in his holy court.
9  Let the whole earth be moved at his presence : * tell it out among the heathen, that the Lord is King.
10  For he hath corrected the round world, which shall not be moved; * he shall judge the peoples with justice.

All creation praises God

11  Læténtur cæli, et exsúltet terra: commoveátur mare et plenitúdo ejus: * gaudébunt campi, et ómnia quæ in eis sunt.
12  Tunc exsultábunt ómnia ligna silvárum a fácie Dómini, quia venit: * quóniam venit judicáre terram.
13  Judicábit orbem terræ in æquitáte, * et pópulos in veritáte sua.

11  Let the heavens rejoice, and let the earth be glad, let the sea be moved and all the fulness thereof : * the fields shall be joyful, and all that is in them.
12  Then shall all the trees of the wood rejoice before the Lord, for he cometh : * yea, he cometh to judge the earth.
13  He shall judge the world with justice, * and the peoples with his truth.