Psalm 93  Deus ultionum Dominus
God, the just Rewarder

A plea for help, coming from the Church and the soul; they are hard pressed by the devil and his tools, but they are confident of final victory.  In the second strophe the Church admonishes the godless and prays for their conversion.  In the third strophe the soul looks back over the past week:  only with God's protection have we managed to remain victorious.

First strophe:  God's punishment

Deus ultiónum Dóminus: * Deus ultiónum líbere egit.
2  Exaltáre, qui júdicas terram: * redde retributiónem supérbis.
3  Usquequo peccatóres, Dómine: * úsquequo peccatóres gloriabúntur:

The Lord is God, to whom vengeance belongeth, * the God of vengeance hath acted freely.
2  Arise, thou that judgest the earth, * and render to the proud a reward.
3  Lord, how long shall the ungodly, * how long shall the ungodly triumph?

Upon the dealings of the godless

4  Effabúntur, et loquéntur iniquitátem: * loquéntur omnes, qui operántur injustítiam?
5  Pópulum tuum, Dómine humiliavérunt: * et hereditátem tuam vexavérunt.
 Víduam et ádvenam interfecérunt: * et pupíllos occidérunt.
7  Et dixérunt: Non vidébit Dóminus: * nec intélliget Deus Jacob.

4  How long shall they utter and speak wickedness, * and shall they all speak, that work injustice?
5  Thy people, O Lord, have they brought low, * and they have afflicted thine heritage.
6  They have murdered the widow and the stranger, * and put the fatherless to death.
7  And they have said, The Lord shall not see, * neither shall the God of Jacob understand.

Second strophe:  The foolishness of their efforts

8  Intellígite, insipiéntes in pópulo: * et stulti, aliquándo sápite.
9  Qui plantávit aurem, non áudiet? * aut qui finxit óculum, non consíderat?
10  Qui córripit Gentes, non árguet: * qui docet hóminem sciéntiam?
11  Dóminus scit cogitatiónes hóminum, * quóniam vanæ sunt.

 Understand, ye unwise among the people: * O ye fools, be wise before it is too late.
  He that planted the ear, shall he not hear? * or he that formed the eye, doth he not behold?
10  He that chastiseth nations, shall he not punish : * he that teacheth man knowledge?
11  The Lord knoweth the thoughts of man, * that they are but vain.

The cause of right will conquer

12  Beátus homo, quem tu erudíeris, Dómine, * et de lege tua docúeris eum.
13  Ut mítiges ei a diébus malis: * donec fodiátur peccatóri fóvea.
14  Quia non repéllet Dóminus plebem suam: * et hereditátem suam non derelínquet.
15  Quoadúsque justítia convertátur in judícium: * et qui juxta illam omnes qui recto sunt corde.

12  Blessed is the man whom thou shalt instruct, O Lord, * and shalt teach him out of thy law.
13  That thou mayest give him rest in the days of evil, * until a pit be digged up for the wicked.
14  For the Lord will not cast off his people; * neither will he forsake his inheritance;
15  Until righteousness turn again unto judgment: * and all they that are near it are true in heart.

Third strophe:  God is with the righteous

16  Quis consúrget mihi advérsus malignántes? * aut quis stabit mecum advérsus operántes iniquitátem?
17  Nisi quia Dóminus adjúvit me: * paulo minus habitásset in inférno ánima mea.
18  Si dicébam: Motus est pes meus: * misericórdia tua, Dómine, adjuvábat me.
19  Secúndum multitúdinem dolórum meórum in corde meo: * consolatiónes tuæ lætificavérunt ánimam meam.

16  Who will rise up with me against the wicked? * or who shall stand with me against the evil doers?
17  Unless the Lord had been my helper, * my soul had almost dwelt in hell.
18  If I said, My foot hath slipt; * thy mercy, O Lord, held me up.
19  In the multitude of the sorrows that I had in my heart, * thy comforts have given joy to my soul.

God punishes the wicked

20  Numquid adhæret tibi sedes iniquitátis: * qui fingis labórem in præcépto?
21  Captábunt in ánimam justi: * et sánguinem innocéntem condemnábunt.
22  Et factus est mihi Dóminus in refúgium: * et Deus meus in adjutórium spei meæ.
23  Et reddet illis iniquitátem ipsórum: et in malítia eórum dispérdet eos: * dispérdet illos Dóminus Deus noster.

20  Shall the throne of wickedness cleave unto thee, * who framest labour in commandment?
21  They shall hunt after the soul of the righteous, * and condemn the innocent blood.
22  But the Lord is my refuge, * and my God is the strength of my confidence.
23  He shall recompense them their wickedness, and destroy them in their own malice; * yea, the Lord our God shall destroy them.