Psalm 91.  Bonum est confiteri

Praise God, the all-just Judge

This beautifully constructed Psalm is similar in thought to the preceding one: praise God who rewards the good and punishes the wicked.  It is an apt combination of the predominant thought of the day with the theme of Lauds.

Praise God's goodness and faithfulness

Bonum est confitéri Dómino: * et psállere nómini tuo, Altíssime.
2  Ad annuntiándum mane misericórdiam tuam: * et veritátem tuam per noctem.
3  In decachórdo, psaltério: * cum cántico, in cíthara.

It is a good thing to give thanks unto the Lord, * and to sing praises unto thy Name, O Most Highest;
2  To tell of thy loving-kindness early in the morning, * and of thy truth in the night season;
3  Upon an instrument of ten strings, and upon the lute; * with a canticle, and upon the harp.

God's wisdom

4  Quia delectásti me, Dómine, in factúra tua: * et in opéribus mánuum tuárum exsultábo.
5  Quam magnificáta sunt ópera tua, Dómine! * nimis profúndæ factæ sunt cogitatiónes tuæ.
6  Vir insípiens non cognóscet: * et stultus non intélliget hæc.

4  For thou, Lord, hast made me glad through thy works; * and I will rejoice in the operations of thy hands.
5  O Lord, how glorious are thy works! * thy thoughts are exceeding deep.
6  The unwise man doth not know, * nor will the fool understand these things.

In the life of the godless

7  Cum exórti fúerint peccatóres sicut fœnum: * et apparúerint omnes, qui operántur iniquitátem.
8  Ut intéreant in sæculum sæculi: * tu autem Altíssimus in ætérnum, Dómine.
9  Quóniam ecce inimíci tui, Dómine, quóniam ecce inimíci tui períbunt: * et dispergéntur omnes, qui operántur iniquitátem.

7  When the ungodly shall spring up as the grass, * and all the workers of wickedness shall appear.
8  That they may perish for ever and ever : * but thou, Lord, art the Most Highest for evermore.
9  For lo, thine enemies, O Lord, lo, thine enemies shall perish; * and all the workers of wickedness shall be destroyed.

In the life of the godly

10  Et exaltábitur sicut unicórnis cornu meum: * et senéctus mea in misericórdia úberi.
11  Et despéxit óculus meus inimícos meos: * et in insurgéntibus in me malignántibus áudiet auris mea.
12  Justus, ut palma florébit: * sicut cedrus Líbani multiplicábitur.

10  But my horn shall be exalted like the horn of an unicorn; * and my old age in plentiful mercy.
11  Mine eye also hath looked down upon mine enemies, * and mine ear shall hear of the downfall of the wicked that arise up against me.
12  The righteous shall flourish like a palm-tree, * and shall spread abroad like a cedar in Lebanon.


13  Plantáti in domo Dómini, *  in átriis domus Dei nostri florébunt.
14  Adhuc multiplicabúntur in senécta úberi: * et bene patiéntes erunt,  ut annúntient:
15  Quóniam rectus Dóminus, Deus noster: * et non est iníquitas in eo.

13  They that are planted in the house of the Lord, * shall flourish in the courts of the house of our God.
14  They shall still increase in a fruitful old age, * and shall be well treated, that they may declare :
  That the Lord our God is righteous, * and there is no iniquity in him.