Psalm 86.  Fundamenta ejus

The Church:  mother of nations

This Psalm portrays God's world empire ruling all the nations out of Sion―the universal Church.

God's love for the Church

Fundaménta ejus in móntibus sanctis: * díligit Dóminus portas Sion super ómnia tabernácula Jacob.
2  Gloriósa dicta sunt de te, * cívitas Dei.

The foundations thereof are in the holy mountains : * the Lord loveth the gates of Sion more than all the dwellings of Jacob.
2  Glorious things of thee are spoken, * thou city of God.

Mother of nations

3  Memor ero Rahab, et Babylónis * sciéntium me.
4  Ecce alienígenæ, et Tyrus, et pópulus Æthíopum, * hi fuérunt illic.
5  Numquid Sion dicet: Homo, et homo natus est in ea: * et ipse fundávit eam Altíssimus?

3  I will be mindful of Rahab and Babylon, * with them that know me.
4  Behold ye the Philistines also; and they of Tyre, with the people of the Ethiopians; * lo, these were there.
5  Shall not Sion say: Man, by man is born in her : * and the Most High himself hath stablished her.


6  Dóminus narrábit in scriptúris populórum, et príncipum: * horum, qui fuérunt in ea.
7  Sicut lætántium ómnium: * habitátio est in te.

6  The Lord shall write in the scriptures of the people and of the princes; * of them that have been born in her.
7  As it were of all rejoicing : * the dwelling is in thee.