Psalm 84.  Benedixisti

Righteousness and peace have kissed each other

This Psalm, a hymn of thanksgiving after the deliverance from exile, is at the same time a glorious hymn of redemption.  Through Christ's death on the Cross the debt of sin has been wiped away (1st strophe), and the fruit of that death will now be given to him who asks (2nd strophe).  Again God walks here below with man.  Peace and justice, banished from the earth since the first sin, embrace beneath the Cross.  This Psalm unites in an excellent manner the thought of praise proper to Lauds with the thought of the day, the Crucifixion.

1.  End of slavery

Benedixísti, Dómine, terram tuam: * avertísti captivitátem Jacob.
2  Remisísti iniquitátem plebis tuæ: * operuísti ómnia peccáta eórum.
3  Mitigásti omnem iram tuam: * avertísti ab ira indignatiónis tuæ.

O Lord, thou hast blessed thy land; * thou hast turned away the captivity of Jacob.
2  Thou hast forgiven the iniquity of thy people, * thou hast covered all their sins.
3  Thou hast softened all thy displeasure, * thou hast turned thyself from thy wrathful indignation.

New, unexpected sufferings

4  Convérte nos, Deus, salutáris noster: * et avérte iram tuam a nobis.
5  Numquid in ætérnum irascéris nobis? * aut exténdes iram tuam a generatióne in generatiónem?
6  Deus, tu convérsus vivificábis nos: * et plebs tua lætábitur in te.
7  Osténde nobis, Dómine, misericórdiam tuam: * et salutáre tuum da nobis.

4  Turn thou us, O God our Saviour, * and let thine anger cease from us.
5  Wilt thou be angry with us for ever? * and wilt thou stretch out thy wrath from one generation to another?
6  Thou shalt turn again, O God, and quicken us, * and thy people shall rejoice in thee.
7  Shew us, O Lord, thy mercy, * and grant us thy salvation.

2.  Help to come

8  Audiam quid loquátur in me Dóminus Deus: * quóniam loquétur pacem in plebem suam.
9  Et super sanctos suos: * et in eos, qui convertúntur ad cor.
10  Verúmtamen prope timéntes eum salutáre ipsíus: * ut inhábitet glória in terra nostra.

8  I will hearken what the Lord God will say unto me; * for he shall speak peace unto his people.
9  And unto his saints, * and unto them that are turned again unto their heart.
10  Surely his salvation is nigh unto them that fear him; * that glory may dwell in our land.

Kingdom of peace

11  Misericórdia, et véritas obviavérunt sibi: * justítia, et pax osculátæ sunt.
12  Véritas de terra orta est: * et justítia de cælo prospéxit.
13  Etenim Dóminus dabit benignitátem: * et terra nostra dabit fructum suum.
14  Justítia ante eum ambulábit: * et ponet in via gressus suos.

11  Mercy and truth are met together: * justice and peace have kissed.
12  Truth is sprung out of the earth, * and justice hath looked down from heaven.
13  Yea, the Lord shall shew loving-kindness; * and our land shall yield her fruit.
14  Justice shall walk before him, * and shall direct his steps in the way.