Psalm 75.  Notus in Judæa

God is Victor―consolation

The right will triumph.  The Psalm celebrates the formidable God as Victor over his foes, partially in time, but irresistibly at the end of the world.


Notus in Judæa Deus: * in Israël magnum nomen ejus.
2  Et factus est in pace locus ejus: * et habitátio ejus in Sion.
3  Ibi confrégit poténtias árcuum: * scutum, gládium, et bellum.

In Jewry is God known; * his Name is great in Israel.
2  And his place is in peace, * and his dwelling in Sion.
3  There brake he the powers of the bow, * the shield, the sword, and the battle.

Justice over the enemies

4  Illúminans tu mirabíliter a móntibus ætérnis: * turbáti sunt omnes insipiéntes corde.
5  Dormiérunt somnum suum: * et nihil invenérunt omnes viri divitiárum in mánibus suis.
6  Ab increpatióne tua, Deus Jacob, * dormitavérunt qui ascendérunt equos.

4  Thou dost enlighten wondrously from the everlasting hills : * all the foolish of heart were troubled.
5  They have slept their sleep; * and all the men of riches have found nothing in their hands.
6  At thy rebuke, O God of Jacob, * they have all slumbered that mounted on horseback.

God, Judge of the world

7  Tu terríbilis es, et quis resístet tibi? * ex tunc ira tua.
8  De cælo audítum fecísti judícium: * terra trémuit et quiévit.
9  Cum exsúrgeret in judícium Deus, * ut salvos fáceret omnes mansuétos terræ.

7  Thou art terrible, and who shall stand against thee * when thou art angry?
8  Thou didst cause judgment to be heard from heaven; * the earth trembled, and was still,
9  When God arose to judgment, * to save all the meek upon earth.

Thanksgiving in the temple

10  Quóniam cogitátio hóminis confitébitur tibi: * et relíquiæ cogitatiónis diem festum agent tibi.
11  Vovéte, et réddite Dómino Deo vestro: * omnes, qui in circúitu ejus affértis múnera.
12  Terríbili et ei qui aufert spíritum príncipum, * terríbili apud reges terræ.

10  For the contemplation of man shall turn to thy praise; * and the rest of their contemplation shall keep holy day unto thee.
11  Vow ye, and pay unto the Lord your God : * all ye that are round about him bring presents.
12  Unto him that is terrible, even unto him who refraineth the spirit of princes, * unto the terrible among the kings of the earth.