Psalm 74.  Confitebimur tibi

God will requite―a warning

Every sin will be judged.  The Psalm is a warning to sinners not to gamble on God's patience.

Praise of God

Confitébimur tibi, Deus: *  confitébimur, et invocábimus nomen tuum.

Unto thee, O God, shall we give thanks; * yea, unto thee shall we give thanks, and call upon thy Name.

The Judge and sinners

2  Narrábimus mirabília tua: * cum accépero tempus, ego justítias judicábo.
  Liquefácta est terra, et omnes qui hábitant in ea: * ego confirmávi colúmnas ejus.
4  Dixi iníquis: Nolíte iníque ágere: * et delinquéntibus : Nolíte exaltáre cornu :
5  Nolíte extóllere in altum cornu vestrum: * nolíte loqui advérsus Deum iniquitátem.

2  We shall declare thy wondrous works * in mine appointed time, I will judge the righteous.
  The earth is melted, and all that dwell therein : * I have established the pillars thereof.
4  I said unto the wicked, Deal not wickedly; * and to the ungodly, Set not up your horn.
5  Set not up your horn on high, * and speak not wickedness against God.

The Judge with the cup of wrath

6  Quia neque ab Oriénte, neque ab Occidénte, neque a desértis móntibus: * quóniam Deus judex est.
7  Hunc humíliat, et hunc exáltat: * quia calix in manu Dómini vini meri plenus misto.
8  Et inclinávit ex hoc in hoc: verúmtamen fæx ejus non est exinaníta: * bibent omnes peccatóres terræ.

6  For neither from the east, nor from the west, nor yet from the desert hills : * for God is the judge.
7  He putteth down one, and lifteth up another : * for in the hand of the Lord there is a cup of strong wine full mixt.
8  And he hath poured it out from this to that, but the dregs thereof are not emptied, * all the sinners of the earth shall drink.

Renewed praise

9  Ego autem annuntiábo in sæculum: * cantábo Deo Jacob.
10  Et ómnia córnua peccatórum confríngam: * et exaltabúntur córnua justi.

9  But I will declare for ever, * I will sing unto the God of Jacob.
10  All the horns of the ungodly also will I break, * and the horns of the righteous shall be exalted.