Psalm 69.  Deus, in adjutorium

Prayer in need

There are three objects to consider in this night-prayer Psalm:  1) the enemy of my soul, whom I solemnly renounce;  2) all my friends―in every danger I cling fast to the communion of the Church's saints;  3) I myself―in utter helplessness.

Deus, in adjutórium meum inténde : * Dómine ad adjuvándum me festína.

O God, make speed to save me; * O Lord, make haste to help me.

 Mine enemies

2  Confundántur et revereántur, * qui qućrunt ánimam meam.
3  Avertántur retrórsum, et erubéscant, * qui volunt mihi mala.
4  Avertántur statim erubescéntes, * qui dicunt mihi : Euge, euge.

2  Let them be ashamed and confounded * that seek after my soul.
3  Let them be turned backward and put to confusion * that wish me evil.
4  Let them be soon brought to shame, * that cry over me, There! there!

 My friends

5  Exsúltent et lćténtur in te omnes qui qućrunt te, * et dicant semper : Magnificétur Dóminus : qui díligunt salutáre tuum.

5  But let all those that seek thee be joyful and glad in thee: * and let all such as delight in thy salvation say alway, The Lord be praised.


6  Ego vero egénus, et pauper sum : * Deus, ádjuva me.
7  Adjútor meus, et liberátor meus es tu : * Dómine, ne moreris.

 As for me, I am poor and in misery: * help me, O God.
7  Thou art my helper, and my redeemer: * O Lord, make no delay.