Psalm 63.  Exaudi, Deus

Harmless blows of the sinner

This Psalm portrays God's final judgment over his enemies and the utter uselessness of all their efforts to harm the just.  The song should give us courage and confidence in fighting the battles of the kingdom.  The most powerful illustration of the Psalm's theme is the contrast between Good Friday and Easter Sunday, between the designs of the high priests and the Resurrection of our Lord.

Plea for protection

Exáudi, Deus, oratiónem meam cum déprecor: * a timóre inimíci éripe ánimam meam.
2  Protexísti me a convéntu malignántium: * a multitúdine operántium iniquitátem.
3  Quia exacuérunt ut gládium linguas suas: * intendérunt arcum rem amáram, ut sagíttent in occúltis immaculátum.
4  Súbito sagittábunt eum, et non timébunt: * firmavérunt sibi sermónem nequam.

Hear my prayer, O God, when I make supplication to thee : * preserve my soul from the fear of the enemy.
2  Thou hast protected me from the gathering together of the froward, * and from the multitude of wicked doers.
3  Who have whet their tongue like a sword, * and have bent their bow a bitter thing, to shoot out their arrows in secret at the undefiled.
4  They shall shoot at him on a sudden, and shall not fear : * they are resolute in wickedness.

Human plans and God's wisdom

5  Narravérunt ut abscónderent láqueos: * dixérunt: Quis vidébit eos?
6  Scrutáti sunt iniquitátes: * defecérunt scrutántes scrutínio.
7  Accédet homo ad cor altum: * et exaltábitur Deus.
8  Sagíttæ parvulórum factæ sunt plagæ eórum: * et infirmátæ sunt contra eos linguæ eórum.

5  They have communed among themselves, how they may lay snares; * and they have said, Who shall see them?
6  They have searched after wickedness : * they have failed in their search.
7  Man shall come to the deep of his heart : * and God shall be exalted.
8  The arrows of children are their wounds : * yea, their tongues shall make them fall.

Salutary lesson

9  Conturbáti sunt omnes qui vidébant eos: * et tímuit omnis homo.
10  Et annuntiavérunt ópera Dei, * et facta ejus intellexérunt.
11  Lætábitur justus in Dómino, et sperábit in eo: * et laudabúntur omnes recti corde.

9  All they that saw them were troubled : * and every man feared.
  And they have declared the works of God : * and understood that which he hath done.
11  The righteous shall rejoice in the Lord, and put his trust in him; * and all they that are true of heart shall be glad.