Psalm 61.  Nonne Deo?

My trust is in the Lord

 This Psalm reminds man not to trust in himself and in the world, but only in God.  This is a condition for being saved.  It must be a matter of firm conviction with us that Christ is our only Saviour.  Man needs a saviour.  Wealth cannot save him; it must be Christ.

My God and my Saviour

Nonne Deo subjécta erit ánima mea? * ab ipso enim salutáre meum.
2  Nam et ipse Deus meus, et salutáris meus: * suscéptor meus, non movébor ámplius.
3  Quoúsque irrúitis in hóminem? * interfícitis univérsi vos: tamquam paríeti inclináto et macériæ depúlsæ?
4  Verúmtamen prétium meum cogitavérunt repéllere, cucúrri in siti: * ore suo benedicébant, et corde suo maledicébant.

Shall my soul not be subject to God? * for of him cometh my salvation.
2 For he is my God and my salvation; * he is my defence, so that I shall be moved no more.
3  How long do ye rush in upon a man? * ye shall all of you slay : yea, as a tottering wall shall ye be, and like a broken hedge.
4  But they have thought only to cast away my prayer, in thirst did I run : * their have blessed with their mouth, but cursed with their heart.

God helps all who hope in him

5  Verúmtamen Deo subjécta esto, ánima mea: * quóniam ab ipso patiéntia mea.
6  Quia ipse Deus meus, et salvátor meus: * adjútor meus, non emigrábo.
7  In Deo salutáre meum, et glória mea: * Deus auxílii mei, et spes mea in Deo est.
8  Speráte in eo omnis congregátio pópuli, effúndite coram illo corda vestra: * Deus adjútor noster in ætérnum.

5  But be thou, my soul, subject to God : * for from him is my endurance.
6  For he truly is my God and my salvation; * he is my defence, so that I shall not be moved.
7  In God is my salvation and my glory; * he is the God of my help, and in God is my trust.
8  O put your trust in him all ye congregation of the people, pour out your hearts before him, * for God is our helper for ever.

Human nothingness

9  Verúmtamen vani fílii hóminum, mendáces fílii hóminum in statéris: * ut decípiant ipsi de vanitáte in idípsum.
10  Nolíte speráre in iniquitáte, et rapínas nolíte concupíscere: * divítiæ si áffluant, nolíte cor appónere.
11  Semel locútus est Deus, duo hæc audívi, quia potéstas Dei est, et tibi, Dómine, misericórdia: * quia tu reddes unicuíque juxta ópera sua.

9  But vain are the children of men, yea, the children of men are liars upon the balances : * that by vanity they may together deceive.
10  O trust not in wickedness, and be not desirous of plunder: * if riches abound, set not your heart upon them.
11  God spake once, and these two things I have heard, that power belongeth unto God, and that thou, Lord, art merciful : * for thou shalt render to every man according to his work.