Psalm 57.  Si vere utique

The deaf judges

The devil has his hirelings on earth.  Just as he directed the fury of the high priests against our Lord, so he has always stirred up rulers, princes, governments, to fight his battles against God's kingdom.  In this Psalm, we pray, quite without any desire for vengeance: "That it may please thee to overthrow the enemies of thy holy Church..."

Their unjust doings

Si vere útique justítiam loquímini: * recta judicáte, fílii hóminum.
2  Etenim in corde iniquitátes operámini: * in terra injustítias manus vestræ concínnant.
3  Alienáti sunt peccatóres a vulva, erravérunt ab útero: * locúti sunt falsa.
4  Furor illis secúndum similitúdinem serpéntis: * sicut áspidis surdæ, et obturántis aures suas.
5  Quæ non exáudiet vocem incantántium: * et venéfici incantántis sapiénter.

If in very deed ye speak righteousness : * judge ye the thing that is right, O ye sons of men.
2  For in your heart ye work mischief : * your hands forge injustice upon the earth.
3  The ungodly are froward, even from their mother's womb, they have gone astray, from the womb : * and speak lies.
4  Their madness is according to the likeness of a serpent, * even like the deaf adder, that stoppeth her ears.
5  Which refuseth to hear the voice of the enchanter, * yea, of the charmer, charm he never so wisely.

Just punishment

6  Deus cónteret dentes eórum in ore ipsórum: * molas leónum confrínget Dóminus.
7  Ad níhilum devénient tamquam aqua decúrrens: * inténdit arcum suum donec infirméntur.
8  Sicut cera, quæ fluit, auferéntur: * supercécidit ignis, et non vidérunt solem.
9  Priúsquam intellígerent spinæ vestræ rhamnum: * sicut vivéntes, sic in ira absórbet eos.

6  God shall break their teeth in their mouths; * the Lord shall smite the jaw-bones of the lions.
7  They shall come to nothing like water that runneth apace; * he hath bent his bow till they be weakened.
8  Like wax that melteth, they shall be taken away : * fire hath fallen upon them, and they shall not see the sun.
9  Before your thorns could know the brier, * he doth swallow them up, as alive, in his wrath.

Everlasting justice

10  Lætábitur justus cum víderit vindíctam: * manus suas lavábit in sánguine peccatóris.
11  Et dicet homo: Si útique est fructus justo: * útique est Deus júdicans eos in terra.

10  The righteous shall rejoice when he seeth the vengeance; * he shall wash his hands in the blood of the ungodly.
11  So that a man shall say, If verily there is a reward for the righteous; * doubtless there is a God that judgeth them in the earth.