Psalm 52.  Dixit insipiens

Foolishness and perversity of sinners

In this song (similar to Psalm 13) we can lament our inclinations to evil, the sad results of original sin, and at the same time pray for sinners.

Their godless doings

Dixit insípiens in corde suo: * Non est Deus.
2  Corrúpti sunt, et abominábiles facti sunt in iniquitátibus: * non est qui fáciat bonum.
3  Deus de cælo prospéxit super fílios hóminum: * ut vídeat si est intélligens, aut requírens Deum.
4  Omnes declinavérunt, simul inútiles facti sunt: * non est qui fáciat bonum, non est usque ad unum.

The fool hath said in his heart, * There is no God.
2  Corrupt are they, and become abominable in their wickedness; * there is none that doeth good.
3  God looked down from heaven upon the children of men, * to see if there were any that would understand, and seek after God.
4  But they are all gone out of the way, they are altogether become abominable; * there is none that doeth good, no not one.

They shall not overcome

5  Nonne scient omnes qui operántur iniquitátem: * qui dévorant plebem meam ut cibum panis?
6  Deum non invocavérunt, * illic trepidavérunt timóre, ubi non erat timor.
7  Quóniam Deus dissipávit ossa eórum qui homínibus placent: * confúsi sunt, quóniam Deus sprevit eos.

5  Shall they not know, all they that are such workers of mischief, * eating up my people as it were bread?
6  They have not called upon the Lord, * there have they trembled for fear, where there was no fear.
7  For God hath broken the bones of them that please men; * they have been put to confusion, because God hath despised them.


8  Quis dabit ex Sion salutáre Israël? * cum convérterit Deus captivitátem plebis suæ, exsultábit Jacob, et lætábitur Israël.

8  Who shall give salvation unto Israel out of Sion? * When God turneth the captivity of his people; then shall Jacob rejoice, and Israel shall be right glad.