Psalm 47.  Magnus Dominus
Kingdom unconquerable

Jerusalem is besieged, but she is wondrously delivered.  This is a figure of the Church and of individual souls in the truest and fullest sense.

Theme:  God protects his city

Magnus Dóminus, et laudábilis nimis * in civitáte Dei nostri, in monte sancto ejus.
2  Fundátur exsultatióne univérsæ terræ mons Sion, * látera Aquilónis, cívitas Regis magni.
3  Deus in dómibus ejus cognoscétur: * cum suscípiet eam.

Great is the Lord, and highly to be praised * in the city of our God, even upon his holy hill.
2  The hill of Sion is founded with the joy of the whole earth; * upon the north side lieth the city of the great King.
3  In her palaces shall God be well known : * when he shall protect her.

Jerusalem delivered

4  Quóniam ecce reges terræ congregáti sunt: * convenérunt in unum.
5  Ipsi vidéntes sic admiráti sunt, conturbáti sunt, commóti sunt: * tremor apprehéndit eos.
6  Ibi dolóres ut parturiéntis: * in spíritu veheménti cónteres naves Tharsis.
7  Sicut audívimus, sic vídimus in civitáte Dómini virtútum, in civitáte Dei nostri: * Deus fundávit eam in ætérnum.

4  For lo, the kings of the earth are assembled: * yea, they are gathered together.
5  So they saw, and they marvelled, they were troubled, they were moved : * fear came there upon them.
6  There were pains as upon a woman in her travail : * with a violent wind thou shalt break the ships of Tharsis.
7  Like as we have heard, so have we seen in the city of the Lord of Hosts, in the city of our God; * God upholdeth the same for ever.

Solemn thanksgiving in the temple

8  Suscépimus, Deus, misericórdiam tuam, * in médio templi tui.
9  Secúndum nomen tuum, Deus, sic et laus tua in fines terræ: * justítia plena est déxtera tua.
10  Lætétur mons Sion, et exsúltent fíliæ Judæ: * propter judícia tua, Dómine.

8  We have received thy mercy, O God, * in the midst of thy temple.
9  O God, according to thy Name, so is thy praise unto the world's end; * thy right hand is full of righteousness.
10  Let the mount Sion rejoice, and the daughters of Judah be glad, * because of thy judgments, O Lord.

Festival procession

11  Circúmdate Sion, et complectímini eam: * narráte in túrribus ejus.
12  Pónite corda vestra in virtúte ejus: * et distribúite domus ejus, ut enarrétis in progénie áltera.
13  Quóniam hic est Deus, Deus noster in ætérnum et in sæculum sæculi: * ipse reget nos in sæcula.

11  Walk about Sion, and go round about her; * and tell ye in the towers thereof.
12  Set your hearts on her strength : * and distribute her houses, that ye may tell it in another generation.
13  For this is God, even our God, for ever world without end : * he shall rule us for evermore.