Psalm 35.  Dixit injustus

Life without God and life with God

This Psalm is composed of two poems set in opposition to each other.  The first one portrays the wicked confirmed in their evildoing; the second depicts God as the fountain of life.  It is on account of the second part that the Psalm has been chosen for Lauds―it is a very fine reference to the holy Eucharist.  In the Eucharist Christ is, in the fullest and deepest sense, "the fountain of life," the source of sanctifying grace.  It is a very fervent song.

The godless

Dixit injústus ut delínquat in semetípso: * non est timor Dei ante óculos ejus.
2  Quóniam dolóse egit in conspéctu ejus: * ut inveniátur iníquitas ejus ad ódium.
3  Verba oris ejus iníquitas, et dolus: * nóluit intellígere ut bene ágeret.
4  Iniquitátem meditátus est in cubíli suo: * ástitit omni viæ non bonæ, malítiam autem non odívit.

The ungodly hath said within himself that he would sin, * there is no fear of God before his eyes.
2  For he hath done deceitfully in his own sight, * that his wickedness be found out unto hatred.
3  The words of his mouth are unrighteous and full of deceit: * he would not understand that he might do good.
4  He imagineth mischief upon his bed, * and hath set himself in no good way, neither doth he abhor any thing that is evil.

God's grace towards all

5  Dómine, in cælo misericórdia tua: * et véritas tua usque ad nubes.
6  Justítia tua sicut montes Dei: * judícia tua abyssus multa.
7  Hómines, et juménta salvábis, Dómine: * quemádmodum multiplicásti misericórdiam tuam, Deus.
8  Fílii autem hóminum, * in tégmine alárum tuárum sperábunt.
9  Inebriabúntur ab ubertáte domus tuæ: * et torrénte voluptátis tuæ potábis eos.
10  Quóniam apud te est fons vitæ: * et in lúmine tuo vidébimus lumen.

5  Thy mercy, O Lord, reacheth unto the heavens, * and thy faithfulness unto the clouds.
6  Thy righteousness standeth like the strong mountains: * thy judgments are like the great deep.
7  Thou, Lord, shalt save both man and beast : * how excellent is thy mercy, O God.
8  And the children of men * shall put their trust under the shadow of thy wings.
 They shall be satisfied with the plenteousness of thy house; * and thou shalt give them drink of the torrent of thy pleasure.
10  For with thee is the fountain of life; * and in thy light shall we see light.

Plea for perseverance

11  Præténde misericórdiam tuam sciéntibus te, * et justítiam tuam his, qui recto sunt corde.
12  Non véniat mihi pes supérbiæ: * et manus peccatóris non móveat me.
13  Ibi cecidérunt qui operántur iniquitátem: * expúlsi sunt, nec potuérunt stare.

11  O extend thy mercy unto them that know thee, * and thy righteousness unto them that are true of heart.
12  O let not the foot of pride come against me; * and let not the hand of the ungodly cast me down.
13  There are they fallen, all that work wickedness; * they are cast out, and are not able to stand.