Psalm 25.  Judica me, Domine

Prayer of the innocent

The way to God's kingdom is an innocent life.  Happy the man who has a clear conscience.

Plea for just judgment

Júdica me, Dómine, quóniam ego in innocéntia mea ingréssus sum: * et in Dómino sperans non infirmábor.
2   Proba me, Dómine, et tenta me: * ure renes meos et cor meum.
3  Quóniam misericórdia tua ante óculos meos est: * et complácui in veritáte tua.

Judge me, O Lord, for I have walked in mine innocency : * my trust hath been also in the Lord, therefore shall I not fall.
2  Examine me, O Lord, and prove me; * burn my reins and my heart.
3  For thy loving-kindness is ever before mine eyes; * and I am well pleased with thy truth.


4  Non sedi cum concílio vanitátis: * et cum iníqua geréntibus non introíbo.
5  Odívi ecclésiam malignántium: * et cum ímpiis non sedébo.

4  I have not dwelt with the council of vanity; * neither will I have fellowship with the deceitful.
5  I have hated the congregation of the wicked; * and will not sit among the ungodly.


6  Lavábo inter innocéntes manus meas: * et circúmdabo altáre tuum, Dómine.
7  Ut áudiam vocem laudis: * et enárrem univérsa mirabília tua.
8  Dómine, diléxi decórem domus tuæ: * et locum habitatiónis glóriæ tuæ.

6  I will wash my hands among the innocent; * and will compass thine altar, O Lord.
7  That I may hear the voice of thy praise, * and tell of all thy wondrous works.
8  Lord, I have loved the beauty of thy house, * and the place where thy glory dwelleth.

Plea for preservation

9  Ne perdas cum ímpiis, Deus, ánimam meam, * et cum viris sánguinum vitam meam.
10  In quorum mánibus iniquitátes sunt: * déxtera eórum repléta est munéribus.

9  O take not away my soul with the sinners, O God, * nor my life with the blood-thirsty;
10  In whose hands is wickedness, * and their right hand is full of gifts.

Confident of being heard

11  Ego autem in innocéntia mea ingréssus sum: * rédime me, et miserére mei.
12  Pes meus stetit in dirécto: * in ecclésiis benedícam te, Dómine.

11  But as for me, I have walked in mine innocency: * O deliver me, and be merciful unto me.
12  My foot hath stood right : * in the churches will I bless thee, O Lord.