Psalm 24  Ad te Domine

Lead me by thy hand

Ad te, Dómine, levávi ánimam meam: * Deus meus, in te confído, non erubéscam.
2  Neque irrídeant me inimíci mei: *  étenim univérsi, qui sústinent te, non confundentur.
3  Confundántur omnes iníqua agéntes * supervácue.

Unto thee, O Lord, have I lifted up my soul : * my God, in thee do I trust, O let me not be confounded.
2  Neither let mine enemies triumph over me : * for all they that hope in thee shall not be confounded.
3  Let all be put to confusion such as transgress * without a cause.

Guidance and justification

4  Vias tuas, Dómine, demónstra mihi * et sémitas tuas édoce me.
5  Dírige me in veritáte tua, et doce me: * quia tu es, Deus, Salvátor meus, et te sustínui tota die.
6  Reminíscere miseratiónum tuárum, Dómine, * et misericordiárum tuárum, quæ a sæculo sunt.
7  Delícta juventútis meæ, * et ignorántias meas ne memíneris.
8  Secúndum misericórdiam tuam meménto mei tu, * propter bonitátem tuam, Dómine.

4  Shew me thy ways, O Lord, * and teach me thy paths.
5  Lead me forth in thy truth, and teach me: * for thou art my Saviour, O God, and in thee hath been my hope all the day long.
6  Call to remembrance, O Lord, thy tender mercies, * and thy loving-kindnesses, which have been ever of old.
 O remember not * the sins and offences of my youth.
8  But according to thy mercy think thou upon me, * for the sake of thy goodness, O Lord.


9  Dulcis et rectus Dóminus: * propter hoc legem dabit delinquéntibus in via.
10  Diriget mansuétos in judício: * docébit mites vias suas.
11  Univérsæ viæ Dómini, misericórdia et véritas, * requiréntibus testaméntum ejus et testimónia ejus.
12  Propter nomen tuum, Dómine, propitiáberis peccáto meo: * multum est enim.

9  Gracious and righteous is the Lord; * therefore, will he give a law unto them that sin in the way.
10  Them that are meek shall he guide in judgment; * and such as are gentle, them shall he teach his way.
11  All the paths of the Lord are mercy and truth, * unto such as seek after his covenant and his testimonies.
12  For thy Name's sake, O Lord, be merciful unto my sin; * for it is great.


13  Quis est homo qui timet Dóminum? * legem státuit ei in via, quam elégit.
14  Anima ejus in bonis demorábitur: * et semen ejus hereditábit terram.
15  Firmaméntum est Dóminus timéntibus eum: * et testaméntum ipsíus ut manifestétur illis.

13  What man is he that feareth the Lord? * him hath he appointed a law in the way that he hath chosen.
14  His soul shall dwell at ease, * and his seed shall inherit the land.
15  The Lord is a firmament among them that fear him; * and he will shew them his covenant.


16  Oculi mei semper ad Dóminum: * quóniam ipse evéllet de láqueo pedes meos.
17  Réspice in me, et miserére mei: * quia únicus et pauper sum ego.
18  Tribulatiónes cordis mei multiplicátæ sunt: * de necessitátibus meis érue me.
19  Vide humilitátem meam, et labórem meum: * et dimítte univérsa delícta mea.
20  Réspice inimícos meos quóniam multiplicáti sunt: * et ódio iníquo odérunt me.
21  Custódi ánimam meam, et érue me: * non erubéscam quóniam sperávi in te.
22  Innocéntes et recti adhæsérunt mihi: * quia sustínui te.

16  Mine eyes are ever looking unto the Lord; * for he shall pluck my feet out of the net.
17  Turn thee unto me, and have mercy upon me; * for I am alone and in need.
18  The sorrows of my heart are enlarged: * O bring thou me out of my necessities.
19  Look upon my abjection and my labour, * and forgive me all my sin.
20  Consider mine enemies, for they are multiplied : * and have hated me with a tyrannous hatred.
21  O keep my soul, and deliver me: * let me not be confounded, for I have put my trust in thee.
22  The innocent and the righteous have adhered unto me; * for my hope hath been in thee.


23  Líbera, Deus, Israël: * ex ómnibus tribulatiónibus suis.

23  Deliver Israel, O God, * out of all his troubles.