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What is the Breviary Online?


The Official Prayer of the Church


Next to the Holy Mass, the Divine Office (or Breviary) is the most important prayer offered to God.  It is offered by the Church and in the name of the Church, conferring multifold graces and blessings on those who recite it worthily, attentively and devoutly.  Normally the domain of priests and religious, the Church has continued to recommend her official prayer to the faithful.  However, until now, the complexity of the rubrics and a lack of suitable translations has deterred many.


Now Accessible to the Layman


With the help of modern technology, it has become easier to overcome these problems.  The result is the Roman Breviary published by the Confraternity of Ss. Peter & Paul in both Latin and English.  No knowledge of the liturgy is required.  All you have to do is click on the feastday, and then on the Canonical Hour you want to say.  The rest is just like reading a book—everything is laid out for you in order according to the rubrics of the day.  No more flicking through the ribboned sections of a weighty volume.  No more apprehension that you are forgetting some obscure rubric.  It's all there spelled out, in order, every day.


Learn More about the Breviary


And if you do want to deepen your knowledge of the Breviary or the Confraternity, this website can help you with that too.  We already provide a short history of the Breviary, instructions on when to recite which Hours, a brief commentary on the psalms, and much more.  And for those who would really like to understand the rubrics in greater depth, we provide in our bookstore a detailed but simply written electronic manual entitled How to Say the Breviary.  We shall be expanding this website regularly with more information, so check back with us frequently.  And may God reward your prayers by bestowing on you all those spiritual favours that come from a devout reading of the Church's Divine Office.


Is this Breviary for You?


Check out the Features


Link to our Features Page to see what a difference our online edition of the traditional Roman Breviary can make in your life.


Check out a Sample Day


Link to the Office for the Feast of St. Pius X, our secondary patron.  You can browse through the various Hours of the Office and get a feel for what to expect.


Check out the artwork, the original photos, play some of the music.  We hope you enjoy the experience.   More importantly do you think this approach to prayer is something that could be spiritually beneficial for you?

How Do I Get Started?


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Link to our online Breviary homepage.  Underneath the login form is a box, with the words First-Time User? and Register Here in red letters underlined.  Click on this link and complete the short form.  Click the Sign up link.




Log in to our webiste using the user name and password you have chosen.  When you first attempt to Recite the Breviary you will be linked to the subscription page.  Here you may choose from our monthly subscription of $2.50 (USD) per month, or $24.00 for an annual subscription.  Or simply send a check to the address provided on our Contacts page.

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The Bookstore


Our Aims

Since we re-opened this website in its current format in August 2012, a great deal of thought went into including a bookstore specializing in the propagation of books connected to the liturgy.  There are innumerable onsite Catholic bookstores of course, so why did we feel the need to add another one?

The fact is, despite the proliferation of many good Catholic websites, we noticed that they seem to fall into one of two categories. 

1. The huge all-inclusive online bookstore, offering an almost infinite selection of books on every possible aspect of Catholicism, fiction and non-fiction.

The problem encountered with these bigger sites, even some of the so-called traditional ones, is that amongst their enormous collection of Catholic books and especially under the heading of Liturgy there are many recent publications, such as the modern Liturgy of the Hours, which you would not find suitable if you’re looking for something genuinely traditional.

Our aim at Confraternity Books is to provide first of all a single site that offers only liturgical books and books about the liturgy.  If you’re looking for something else, go to one of the sites mentioned above.  But if it’s things liturgical you’re after, we aim to make Confraternity Books the place to go.

Additionally, each of the books offered on our website will be individually vetted and checked for conformity of content with the Confraternity’s own statutes.  While we pretend no authority to impose our own views and liturgical standards on our readership, we do feel the need to exclude any book tainted by the liturgical reforms leading up to the present situation in the Church.  You will not find the 1962 missal, for example, at Confraternity Books.  We do this simply in order to provide a place where the reader can feel at ease in purchasing a book from us, in the knowledge that the title he is buying is fully traditional and in accordance with the liturgy we promote and seek to maintain at the Confraternity of Ss. Peter & Paul.

The other category of website is:

The smaller niche bookstore, often belonging to a specific publisher or interest group, offering a limited number of books which they themselves publish or have some other interest in promoting.

Make no mistake, we have nothing against these sites as such.  But for you, the shopper,  the limitations are obvious, as  you sometimes have to wander from website to website to find the book you want.   In addition, some of these online stores, even the so-called traditional ones, are sometimes run by dubious groups who profess beliefs that are, shall we say, questionable, beliefs which they may even attempt to spread and impose on others through the literature they sell.

You the reader have no protection against these potential vendors of error.  It’s hard to know when you visit a website whether it is promoted by genuine Roman Catholics, or by others who will try to sell you, among all the other nice Catholic books, some subtly heretical idea, or a personal opinion which they have elevated to the level of dogma.  At Confraternity Books, you will have the peace of mind knowing that all our liturgical books date from before the reforms, and that our books written about the liturgy were either published long ago with the necessary Imprimatur, or, if more recent, have at least been thoroughly reviewed as best we can for any sign of deviation from the Church’s teachings and practice.

And so we invite you to join us as we embark on this newest feature of Breviary.Net, a bookstore which, God willing, will grow quickly in the weeks and months to come as the oak tree rises from the tiny acorn. 

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